Match Fishing For the Disabled Angler.


The UKDMFC are now in their Tenth year of organizing angling competitions for the disabled angler throughout the UK.
After speaking to YOU the disabled angler, the feedback we have received has told us that the Disabled Masters, the Team and the Rod and Line Championships Pole Championship are what YOU still want. and the same venues as 2015
During these hard times, we realize that some disabled anglers find it hard to take part in all the matches they would like to, again after listening to YOU and once again we have taken the decision to stream line this year’s events. Keeping the same format from last year. The Disabled Masters will still have two qualifying matches, fished on Two  of the most popular venues in the UK, with 20 anglers from each match qualifying for the Grand Final.
There will be the popular Rod & Reel event. The Teams of 5 event which gets better each year.Also the pole only event
The UKDMFC receives no funding and we rely on donations from tackle companies, manufactures and angling shops to allow us to run raffles and fund raising events. But with the economic climate the way it is our donations have decrease so we will have to see what we can provide for 2016.
The monies raised allow us at the UKDMFC to continue to run in the professional manner we have achieved over these last ten years.
We would like to thank you the disabled angler for your continual support.
Also our grateful thanks to our sponsor for donation of product. Dynamite Baits.
If you feel that the UKDMFC is for you then please register with us for the forthcoming series of matches in 2016
Any disabled angler wishing to register with the UKDMFC can contact Jim on 01942 259179 or 07759812357 or email jimukdmfc@sky.com
                           UKDMFC Matches 2016
                                  UK Masters Qualifier
                        May 28th Woodlandview Arles
                      June 11th Widows Wigan
                                   UK Masters Final
                      Sept 10th Woodlandview Arles

                                Pole only Championship
                 June  25th Woodlandview Back Deans & Causeway
                             Rod & Reel Championship                                
                 July 16th  Woodlandview Hay & Barley

                                  UKDMFC Teams Five
                  Aug 20th Woodlandview Back Deans & Causeway

                              Draw 9-00 fish 10-30 to 15-30  
                           All UKDMFC Events are on a Sat/
       Match draw times could vary through unforeseen circumstances.
                  Two Keepnets to be used on all fisheries.